Thursday, January 21, 2010

A quick Shabbat dinner

As Matthew and I got home rather late, I had to improvise with the Shabbat dinner. Being a semi decent Jew I managed to bake some challah, and once the oven was all fired up, I decided on utilizing the pre-heated oven.

I got out one of the Thanksgiving turkey baking bags and threw in a 3 lb chicken in one piece, salted and with home made spicy butter under its skin. The butter was mixed with some salt, parsley, a generous pinch of garlic, thyme and white pepper.

In the bag went 5 large apples peeled and cut up, 1 lb canned peaches without the juice--my kids drank that separately--, 3 lbs of potatoes chopped up, two large carrots, and because my kids love it, 1 lb of mushrooms. They stayed in the bag till they were about 98% done, then I removed the bag and let the juices evaporate for an additional 10 minutes.

I served it with challah (of course) and white grape juice for the kids.


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