Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chicken pound cake

Originally posted by Andi on Konyhamóka.

Line the pound cake mold with baking paper.

After putting salt and pepper on chicken breast slices, make a layer out of it in the mold.

Add eggs, salami, chives and grated cheese in the next layer.

Cover with bacon, Canadian bacon or ham.

Cover with another layer of meat and then add whatever is left from the other ingredients.

Bake cca 90 minutes on 250°C (480°F).



Mike and Christie

That sure looks divine! Do you scramble the eggs or leave them whole?
What is the best type of cheese to use?


You can just leave them hole, they might break from everything else you put on them though.


Also, I think the type of cheese is what you prefer. When I'll make it (okay, I know it's not kosher) I will use either emmentaler or sharp cheddar.


I can totally imagine tons of smoked cheese and smoked ham/bacon...and I would scramble the eggs :)

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